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Padres Prospect Interview: Beamer Weems

Beamer Weems

San Diego Padres prospect Beamer Weems is so fluid defensively that many think he can play in the majors today. The bat has been the primary question, although he went a long way towards assuaging concerns last season. While he got off to a slow start, he is looking to build upon that in 2010 by keeping the additional weight and strength on.

It seems like you hit a little bit of a wall last year with the Storm during the month of August. Was that the rigors of your first full season? Beamer Weems: Yes, definitely. Everyone was saying how long it was going to be, but I guess you never know until you do it. I tried to get it out of my head that it was that long, but I lost a lot of weight – I lost about 15 pounds. I think I might have... Recommended Stories

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