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Skube on AZL Padres hitting prospects

Jason Codiroli

The San Diego Padres have placed a key stop in the hands of Bob Skube. As hitting coach of the Arizona Rookie League Padres, Skube tutored young men such as AZL MVP Jaff Decker, Aaron Murphree, Jason Codiroli, Logan Forsythe, Keisy Marte, and Wary Polanco.

The conversation has to begin with the exploits of Jaff Decker. This kid had a phenomenal season. What impressions did he leave on you? Bob Skube: Really understands hitting, extremely advanced for being 18. He hits like somebody that's 22, 23 that's been in the system for a couple of years. His philosophy and what the Padres preach is pretty much right on, so it really made it easy for him... Recommended Stories

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