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Tool Time: Top Curveballs

Dirk Hayhurst

You have seen it before. A hitters expect fastball and the pretzel comes in, twisting the batter's knees and facial expression, as they fall out of the batter's box only to hear the ump call, ‘Strike!' These San Diego Padres prospects have the best curveballs.

Dirk Hayhurst Batters routinely buckle when Hayhurst sends Uncle Charlie to do the talking. Knees crack and backs break as hitters scramble to get out of the way. Hayhurst comes out of a compact delivery to spin a tight curveball that has Barry Zito like action dropping in from the heavens for a strike. It is a go-to pitch that hitters can't seem to find a beat on. John Hussey The WWF... Recommended Stories

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