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Greg Riddoch on Eugene Emeralds prospects

Mitch Canham

Greg Riddoch has been around the game longer than any of his Eugene Emeralds prospects have been alive. He sees things in a way that few other people do – which is why he is such a valuable asset to the San Diego Padres. Luis Durango, Kellen Kulbacki, Danny Payne, Mitch Canham, Robbie Blauer, Justin Baum, and Andy Parrino all learned from the Northwest League Manager of the Year.

Was this as tough a year as you have ever had coaching? And what makes it tough and what makes it good? Greg Riddoch: Not at all. Let's say you are the fan. We had the best record in the history of the Eugene Emeralds for two months. Then we moved 16 players by the end of the season. As a fan you say, ‘Oh gee, we had a winning record – the only other team with a winning record.' On my side... Recommended Stories

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