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Dascenzo on Fort Wayne Wizards prospects

Rayner Contreras

How tough was it to manage a losing ball club? How big a blow was the loss of Rayner Contreras? Did Drew Miller impress? What happened to Rolando Valdez at the end? Javis Diaz and baserunning 101? Did Cedric Hunter have a good year? Where does Daryl Jones go next? We talked to Fort Wayne Wizards manager Doug Dascenzo to find out the answers.

How difficult was it managing a squad that seemed to struggle to stay healthy? Doug Dascenzo: Of course it was difficult. But that is part of baseball. Injuries are a part of the game and you have to deal with it as best you can. When you lose Rayner Contreras – actually Tom King first went down with a shoulder injury and Contreras ended up missing the last two and a half months. And... Recommended Stories

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