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The Aussies: Andrew Gribbin and John Hussey

John Hussey

Peoria, AZ-- Australian baseball is considered to be a burgeoning market. The San Diego Padres have attacked the Aussie scene under the direction of Randy Smith and have found two quality arms – Andrew Gribbin and John Hussey. Hussey has made tremendous strides over the course of the last year and Gribbin is the newcomer, getting his feet wet in professional baseball.

Signed in January of 2006 as a 17-year old out of Australia, Gribbin has commitments he had to attend last season and will begin his career in the United States this year. Talk about your first impressions of the United States. Andrew Gribbin: It's different to Australia, but I like it a lot. Has it been made easier with John Hussey and Murray Hopley already here? Andrew Gribbin: Yeah, it's a... Recommended Stories

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