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Thompson Tuesdays

Thompson Tuesdays

Every week Sean Thompson checks in with and drops a little of his particular brand of knowledge in an online journal we've titled <b>Thompson Tuesdays</b>. Last week you might remember Sean took exception with our publisher, Denis Savage, over an inflated walk total. Always a go-getter, Mr. Savage made the trek to Lake Elsinore to watch Sean pitch, and wouldn't you know it, the two just happened to run in to each other.

Two outings out of the way and I must say, "Golly, the Cal League is a hitter's league."  Anyway, before I start ripping on the doubters I would like to start the week with another bit of sadness, another release.  This time San Diego went all out in trying to make me want to hate the world.  This past weekend, Aaron Coonrod was released from our organization, and that just crushed me.  The damn... Recommended Stories

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