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Padres Top 50 Prospects: 45-41

Padres Top 50 Prospects: 45-41

<p>It is every true baseball fan's favorite line in <i>Bull Durham</i>, &quot;This is a simple game; you throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball.&quot;&nbsp; This week in our continuing countdown of the Top 50 Prospects in the Padres organization, Publisher Denis Savage features pure power hitters, nasty sliders, and stellar defense.&nbsp; Keeping it simple is the objective for <b>#45-41. </b></p>

45. Drew Macias was simply a great defender that could solidify the middle of the outfield and save runs for the pitching staff. At least, that was the view scouts in the Padres' office had of the Californian. While he succeeded in providing exactly as promised in the outfield, he also exceeded expectations at the plate. Before the season, scouts tabulated a .230-.240 average for Macias and... Recommended Stories

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