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Padres prospect interview: Sean Thompson

Padres prospect interview: Sean Thompson

<i>Sean Thompson is a genuine guy, and a genuine competitor. Some players know their limitations, but Thompson knows his abilities. "I know I'm ready to pitch, even in the big leagues. I know the things I have to get better at, and I know they have nothing to do with the hitters I'm facing, I have to work on my game." In an interview with MadFriars.com's James Renwick, Thompson talks about his season, how great it is to be a lefty, his girlfriend (soon to be fiancée), and Playstation 2.</i>

Sean Thompson doesn't act like one of the top prospects in the Padres organization.  When I first call him I get his voicemail, and elect to not leave a message.  Doesn't matter, about an hour later my phone rings and it's Thompson, saying, "Someone called me from this number."  We setup the interview for the next day, and again, when I call there's no answer.  This time I leave a message...

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