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Mid-season - Padres' Tye Waller on Eugene, Peoria

Padres farm report

San Diego Padres' Director of Player Development, Tye Waller, joined up with John Conniff to get a mid-season update on the prospects within the system. Waller touched briefly on prospects currently with Eugene, he did not want to say too much as he had not been out there at the time, and talked about two of the younger players with Peoria, William Killian and Daryl Jones, as well as what he expects from the many managers around the minor league system.

Eugene Both Billy Hogan and Colt Morton started the season with much fanfare and struggled in Fort Wayne. Why did they struggle and how are they attempting to rectify the situation in Eugene? Tye Waller: Colt Morton is a guy that has plus power, but he needs to make consistent contact. I think Billy is in that same mind set, he tries to do too much. Colt has been able to relax and see the... Recommended Stories

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