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Padres catching has been a sore spot

Catcher had been a sore spot in the San Diego Padres organization for years until the team acquired Ramon Hernandez from the Oakland Athletics. Now that he has arrived, there was still a need to check through the organization for someone on the rise. Considering Humberto Quintero played for the big league club, he became ineligible during the search. Wiki Gonzalez also is ineligible because he figures to be in San Diego this year. Which left us in Fort Wayne:

What is the situation at catcher in Fort Wayne, we asked one Padres scout: "Well, there isn't one," was his reply. Ouch! "I think the Padres were high on Andres Pagan," voice of the Wizards, Terry Byrom, said. "Andres is one of those guys that every year he has been with the Padres, I guess this coming year will be his fifth year, has hit .200." He has been in the Padres organization for... Recommended Stories

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