, a webzine, is run by San Diego Sports, a company owned and operated by Denis Savage. Savage has an extensive resume in sports, from playing hockey in the Minor Leagues to doing scout work for an NHL team. He now takes his beatings on pen and paper instead of in the rink. Savage covers the San Diego Padres, with a heavy emphasis on the minor league affiliates, with fresh news everyday of the year.

What is

While we all know the San Diego Padres are commonly referred to as the Friars (having resided on Friars Rd until the 2004 season), what is a Mad Friar?

Mad is described in the dictionary as, "Feeling or showing strong liking or enthusiasm."

Friar is not only a nickname for the team, but describes someone with strong beliefs, and in this case beliefs in the San Diego Padres, or Mad about the Friars, aka, focuses on the action no one talks about, specifically the Padres' minor league system. The tireless work put in by the staff has earned accolades and a weekly segment on The Mighty 1090, the flagship station for San Diego Padres baseball. Senior Writer John Conniff routinely appears with host Ernie Martinez on the Padres pre-game show. is an independent source of San Diego Padres news, 365 days a year. No day is spared coverage as Major and Minor League Baseball has become a year round business. From the season to the draft, Arizona Fall League to the preseason, Portland to Peoria, and everything between the foul lines, our writers are there in the thick of the news and giving it to you straight, as a fan would want it.

As fans of baseball, we give a different take than the local media. The first duty of is to provide the facts and we take it a step further with analysis based on watching game tape, and talking with the experts: players, coaches, broadcasters, scouts, front office personnel and anyone else who will listen to our mindless banter.

As we have grown, so has our exposure. Players and their family members read our site for our in-depth coverage of the events as they happen. You do not have to wait for the following days newspaper to come out as we post news as it breaks.

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We guarantee you won't find a San Diego Padres site that can match this wealth of articles, information and resources for the die-hard Padre fan looking for more Minor League coverage to supplement coverage of the big club.

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