Here you will find all of the latest EXCLUSIVE interviews that has conducted with San Diego Padres' prospects and players within the system at all levels, including the big league club, Portland Beavers, San Antonio Missions, Mobile BayBears (pre-2007), Lake Elsinore Storm, Fort Wayne TinCaps (formerly known as the Wizards pre-2009), Eugene Emeralds and Arizona Rookie League (AZL) Padres. This also includes the Padres' front office personnel and managers.

2010 Interviews
Listed alphabetically

Glenn Abbott (Portland pitching coach) Interview 1/22/10
Corey Adamson Interview 6/22/10
John Barbato Draft Interview 6/17/10
Anthony Bass Interview 5/5/10
Anthony Bass Interview 6/7/10
Hayden Beard Interview 7/4/10
Vince Belnome Interview 4/14/10
Griffin Benedict Interview 4/17/10
Paul Bingham Interview 6/25/10
Chris Bisson Interview 6/18/10
Brad Brach Interview 5/3/10
Tom Bradley (Fort Wayne pitching coach) Interview 1/27/10
Matt Branham Interview 6/30/10
Aaron Breit Interview 5/31/10
Matt Buschmann Interview 4/16/10
Mitch Canham Interview 4/25/10
Sawyer Carroll Interview 4/26/10
Dexter Carter Interview 4/21/10
Yefri Carvajal Interview 6/5/10
Simon Castro Interview 4/3/10
Simon Castro Interview 4/29/10
Simon Castro Interview 6/20/10
Zach Cates Draft Interview 6/29/10
Brad Chalk Interview 5/2/10
Matt Clark Interview 4/28/10
Bob Cluck (pitching consultant) Interview 1/11/10
Drew Cumberland Interview 6/11/10
Wes Cunningham Interview 7/1/10
James Darnell Interview 4/12/10
James Darnell Interview 5/6/10
Doug Dascenzo (Fort Wayne manager) Interview 1/13/10
Bo Davis Interview 4/5/10
Erik Davis Interview 7/2/10
Cody Decker Interview 4/15/10
Cody Decker Interview 6/4/10
Jaff Decker Interview 1/8/10
Jaff Decker Interview 6/10/10
Mike DeMark Interview 5/7/10
Luis Domoromo Interview 1/9/10
Jose Dore Draft Interview 6/23/10
Sean Dwyer Draft Interview 7/2/10
Allan Dykstra Interview 5/30/10
Chris Fetter Interview 1/24/10
Orv Franchuck (San Antonio hitting coach) Interview 2/3/10
Nate Freiman Interview 2/3/10
Nate Freiman Interview 4/21/10
Nate Freiman Interview 5/18/10
Steve Garrison Interview 6/2/10
Kevin Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) Interview 2/25/10
Brandon Gomes Interview 5/20/10
Nick Greenwood Interview 5/16/10
Jedd Gyorko Interview 6/9/10
Fort Wayne broadcaster Mike Maahs Interview 1/1/10
Jason Hagerty Interview 1/16/10
Jeremy Hefner Interview 5/19/10
Jed Hoyer (Padres GM) Interview 3/12/10
Jed Hoyer (Padres GM) Interview 3/18/10
Jed Hoyer (Padres GM) Interview 4/1/10
Cedric Hunter Interview 5/13/10
Cedric Hunter Interview 6/13/10
Craig Italiano Interview 1/7/10
Craig Italiano Interview 5/14/10
Gary Jones (infield coordnator) Interview 3/17/10
Jimmy Jones (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 1/6/10
Jimmy Jones (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 3/3/10
Terry Kennedy (San Antonio manager) Interview 1/15/10
Corey Kluber Interview 6/13/10
Kellen Kulbacki Interview 5/17/10
Lake Elsinore broadcaster Sean McCall Interview 1/2/10
Evaristo Lantigua (DSL Padres manager) Interview 1/29/10
Alexis Lara Interview 7/1/10
Rymer Liriano Interview 5/15/10
Cory Luebke Interview 6/24/10
Jaron Madison (Scouting director) Interview 5/28/10
Luis Martinez Interview 6/18/10
Jason McLeod (Assistant GM) Interview 6/22/10
Drew Miller Interview 5/9/10
Noah Mull Interview 6/27/10
Tony Muser (Roving hitting coordinator) Interview 2/2/10
Wynn Pelzer Interview 6/15/10
Eric Peyton (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 1/12/10
Adys Portillo Interview 6/26/10
Portland broadcaster Rich Burk Interview 1/5/10
Dave Rajsich (Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 1/14/10
Jorge Reyes Interview 3/10/10
Greg Riddoch (Eugene manager) Interview 1/5/10
Keyvius Sampson Interview 4/8/10
Evan Scribner Interview 5/26/10
Evan Scribner Interview 6/17/10
Bob Skube (AZL Padres hitting coach) Interview 1/28/10
Houston Slemp Interview 6/24/10
Josh Spence Draft Interview 6/19/10
Randy Smith (Director player development/international scouting) Interview 1/20/10
Randy Smith Interview 5/8/10
Tyler Stubblefield Interview 7/5/10
Blake Tekotte Interview 6/28/10
Tom Tornicasa (Fort Wayne hitting coach) Interview 1/3/10
San Antonio broadcaster Stu Paul Interview 1/3/10
Max Venable (Portland hitting coach) Interview 1/18/10
Michael Watt Interview 5/22/10
Steve Webber (San Antonio pitching coach) Interview 1/26/10
Beamer Weems Interview 5/21/10
Beamer Weems Interview 6/18/10
Karsten Whitson Draft Interview 6/7/10
Mike Wickham (Director minor league ops) Interview 5/27/10
Mike Wickham Interview 5/31/10
Everett Williams Interview 1/25/10
Everett Williams Interview 4/23/10
Everett Williams Interview 5/12/10
Lance Zawadzki Interview 5/11/10

2009 Interviews
Listed alphabetically

Glenn Abbott (Portland pitching coach) Interview 1/1/09
Glenn Abbott Interview 2/22/09
Glenn Abbott Interview 11/21/09
Jonathan Alia Interview 11/7/09
Josh Alley Interview 4/12/09
Al Angelucci Interview 6/21/09
Matt Antonelli Interview 4/6/09
Rafeal Arias Interview 11/15/09
Tyson Bagley Interview 4/4/09
Tyson Bagley Interview 8/22/09
Anthony Bass Interview 4/7/09
Anthony Bass Interview 7/17/09
Anthony Bass Interview 11/15/09
Mike Baxter Interview 4/14/09
Mike Baxter Interview 5/20/09
Griffin Benedict Draft Interview 6/15/09
Griffin Benedict Interview 9/3/09
Vince Belnome Interview 9/16/09
Jon Berger Interview 10/4/09
Bud Black (Padres manager) Interview 12/9/09
Kyle Blanks Interview 3/13/09
Kyle Blanks Interview 7/27/09
Brad Brach Interview 5/22/09
Brad Brach Interview 7/28/09
Brad Brach Interview 9/1/09
Tom Bradley (Fort Wayne pitching coach) Interview 2/17/09
Tom Bradley Interview 8/11/09
Tom Bradley Interview 12/2/09
Aaron Breit Interview 4/4/09
Aaron Breit Interview 11/17/09
Chris Britton Interview 5/2/09
Mitch Canham Interview 5/19/09
Cesar Carrillo Interview 4/19/09
Cesar Carrillo Interview 5/8/09
Sawyer Carroll Interview 1/17/09
Dexter Carter Interview 12/1/09
Sam Carter Interview 5/9/09
Yefri Carvajal Interview 6/5/09
Simon Castro Interview 5/30/09
Simon Castro Interview 8/19/09
Simon Castro Pitcher of the Year Interview 11/9/09
Brad Chalk Interview 5/23/09
Brad Chalk Interview 7/1/09
Peter Ciofrone Interview 3/24/09
Matt Clark Interview 5/17/09
Matt Clark Interview 11/20/09
Bob Cluck (pitching consultant Interview 12/8/09
Jason Codiroli Interview 7/26/09
Michael Collins Interview 5/10/09
Anthony Contreras Interview 3/28/09
Craig Cooper Interview 5/14/09
Mike Couchee (roving pitching coordinator) Interview 1/21/09
Mike Couchee Interview 2/12/09
Mike Couchee Interview 8/23/09
Mike Couchee Interview 8/31/09
Mike Couchee Interview 10/18/09
Drew Cumberland Interview 6/2/09
Drew Cumberland Interview 7/23/09
Drew Cumberland Interview 8/26/09
Nathan Culp Interview 4/22/09
James Darnell Interview 5/25/09
James Darnell Interview 11/5/09
Doug Dascenzo (Fort Wayne manager) Interview 1/9/09
Doug Dascenzo Interview 1/29/09
Doug Dascenzo Interview 12/15/09
Bo Davis Interview 7/8/09
Erik Davis Interview 6/11/09
Erik Davis Interview 8/9/09
Cody Decker Draft Interview 6/18/09
Cody Decker Hitter of the Year Interview 11/8/09
Jaff Decker Interview 1/5/09
Jaff Decker Interview 7/9/09
Jaff Decker Interview 8/20/09
Mike DeMark Interview 5/11/09
Mike DeMark Interview 6/7/09
Gabe DeHoyos Interview 3/25/09
Travis Denker Interview 3/31/09
Jose DePaula Interview 8/6/09
Fort Wayne manager Doug Dascenzo Interview 8/7/09
Brett Dowdy Interview 5/6/09
Brayden Drake Draft Interview 6/11/09
Luis Durango Interview 5/13/09
Allan Dykstra Interview 2/10/09
Allan Dykstra Interview 5/27/09
Allan Dykstra Interview 7/15/09
Allan Dykstra Interview 8/21/09
Matt Eddy (BA) Interview 2/25/09
Mike Ekstrom Interview 3/26/09
David Erickson Interview 9/5/09
Eugene broadcaster Chris Fisher Interview 12/31/09
Chris Fetter Draft Interview 6/14/09
Chris Fetter Interview 8/25/09
Chris Fetter Interview 9/25/09
Cole Figueroa Interview 6/12/09
Cole Figueroa Interview 7/20/09
Cole Figueroa Interview 9/10/09
Jose Flores (AZL Padres manager) Interview 2/6/09
Jose Flores Interview 12/4/09
Logan Forsythe Interview 5/7/09
Logan Forsythe Interview 6/25/09
Orv Franchuck (San Antonio hitting coach) Interview 6/1/09
Orv Franchuck Interview 11/23/09
Nate Freiman Interview 9/24/09
Ernesto Frieri Interview 6/10/09
Shuhei Fujiya Draft Interview 6/13/09
Grady Fuson Q&A Interview 3/23/09
Grady Fuson Interview 6/30/09
Grady Fuson Interview 8/13/09
Grady Fuson Interview 8/17/09
Grady Fuson on AZL Padres Interview 10/12/09
Grady Fuson on Eugene Interview 10/16/09
Grady Fuson on Portland Interview 10/23/09
Grady Fuson on Fort Wayne Interview 10/28/09
Grady Fuson on Lake Elsinore Interview 10/30/09
Grady Fuson on San Antonio Interview 11/4/09
Jonathan Galvez Interview 7/24/09
Tom Gamboa (minor league field coordinator) Interview 9/6/09
Tom Gamboa Interview 9/14/09
Steve Garrison Interview 7/21/09
Josh Geer Interview 3/2/09
Brandon Gomes Interview 6/13/09
Eric Gonzalez Interview 5/24/09
Nick Greenwood Interview 7/7/09
Nick Greenwood Interview 9/22/09
Tim Hagerty (Portland broadcaster) Interview 1/23/09
Jason Hagerty Interview 7/15/09
Jason Hagerty Interview 8/28/09
Kevin Hansen Interview 8/8/09
Allen Harrington Interview 6/6/09
Chadd Hartman Interview 7/4/09
Chase Headley Interview 3/4/09
Chase Headley Interview 8/6/09
Jeremy Hefner Interview 6/19/09
Jeremy Hefner Interview 7/23/09
Pedro Hernandez Interview 8/30/09
Zach Herr Interview 8/23/09
Ryan Hinson Draft Interview 6/25/09
Ryan Hinson Interview 9/14/09
John Hudgins Interview 3/29/09
Chad Huffman Interview 3/7/09
Cedric Hunter Interview 3/12/09
Cedric Hunter Interview 5/18/09
Jeff Ibarra Interview 7/5/09
Will Inman Interview 5/10/09
Will Inman Interview 6/8/09
Neil Jamison Interview 4/15/09
Matt Jackson Interview 8/15/09
Jimmy Jones (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 12/11/09
Gary Jones (minor league infield coordinator) Interview 9/15/09
Gary Jones Interview 9/16/09
Gary Jones (interim Portland manager) Interview 12/21/09
Sean Kazmar Interview 4/13/09
Terry Kennedy (San Antonio hitting coach) Interview 1/6/09
Terry Kennedy Interview 1/28/09
Terry Kennedy (San Antonio manager) Interview 5/28/09
Terry Kennedy Interview 12/17/09
Corey Kluber Interview 6/20/09
Kellen Kulbacki Interview 6/3/09
Evaristo Lantigua (DSL Padres manager) Interview 1/13/09
Evaristo Lantigua Interview 2/4/09
Evaristo Lantigua Interview 12/7/09
Robert Lara Interview 2/1/09
Robert Lara Interview 7/10/09
Robert Lara Interview 7/25/09
Robert Lara Interview 9/12/09
Matt Latos Interview 1/14/09
Mat Latos Interview 7/30/09
Carlos Lezcano (Lake Elsinore manager) Interview 1/7/09
Carlos Lezcano Interview 7/2/09
Carlos Lezcano Interview 11/30/09
Carlos Lezcano Interview 12/16/09
Kyle Loretelli Interview 9/20/09
Cory Luebke Interview 2/15/09
Cory Luebke Interview 6/17/09
Mike Maahs (Fort Wayne broadcaster) Interview 1/19/09
Drew Macias Interview 4/16/09
Drew Macias Interview 8/5/09
Drew Madrigal Interview 7/9/09
Luis Martinez Interview 7/28/09
Luis Martinez Interview 11/25/09
Jeremy McBryde Interview 6/22/09
Matt McCabe (Eugene broadcaster) Interview 1/17/09
Sean McCall (Lake Elsinore broadcaster) Interview 1/20/09
Miles Mikolas Interview 9/13/09
Cameron Monger Draft Interview 6/12/09
Aaron Murphree Interview 3/23/09
Tony Muser (roving hitting coordinator) Interview 12/30/09
Rob Musgrave Interview 9/6/09
James Needy Interview 6/15/09
Bryan Oland Interview 6/23/09
Stiven Osuna Interview 7/29/09
Andy Parrino Interview 7/21/09
Bronswell Patrick (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 1/14/09
Bronswell Patrick (Eugene pitching coach) Interview 9/28/09
Bronswell Patrick Interview 12/14/09
Stu Paul (San Antonio broadcaster) Interview 1/22/09
Danny Payne Interview 5/31/09
Wynn Pelzer Interview 6/24/09
Wynn Pelzer Interview 8/12/09
Eduardo Perez Interview 7/19/09
Eric Peyton (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 1/10/09
Eric Peyton Interview 2/9/09
Eric Peyton Interview 9/21/09
Eric Peyton Interview 12/3/09
Aaron Poreda Interview 12/27/09
Adys Portillo Interview 1/19/09
Adys Portillo Interview 4/30/09
Gary Poynter Interview 1/24/09
Emmanuel Quiles Interview 9/27/09
Jackson Quezada Interview 4/11/09
Jackson Quezada Interview 11/27/09
Dave Rajsich (Eugene pitching coach) Interview 1/16/09
Dave Rajsich (Storm pitching coach) Interview 7/8/09
Dave Rajsich Interview 12/31/09
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 1/4/09
Randy Ready Interview 1/27/09
Chad Reineke Interview 3/3/09
Jorge Reyes Interview 7/16/09
Greg Riddoch (Eugene manager) Interview 2/2/09
Edinson Rincon Interview 8/14/09
Dan Robertson Interview 6/15/09
Dan Robertson Interview 9/11/09
Keyvius Sampson Interview 7/20/09
Nick Schmidt Interview 4/28/09
Nick Schumacher Interview 8/2/09
Bob Skube (AZL Padres hitting coach) Interview 1/12/09
Bob Skube Interview 2/3/09
Bob Skube Interview 10/5/09
Randy Smith (International Scouting Director) Interview 7/10/09
Randy Smith Interview 7/22/09
Randy Smith Interview 10/2/09
Eric Sogard Interview 4/29/09
Eric Sogard Interview 5/15/09
Jerry Sullivan Draft Interview 6/16/09
Jerry Sullivan Interview 9/23/09
Jerry Sullivan Interview 12/13/09
Tim Stauffer Interview 4/23/09
Tim Stauffer Interview 8/3/09
Will Startup Interview 4/27/09
Mario Tabachnik Interview 5/24/09
Mario Tabachnik Interview 8/29/09
Donovan Tate's coach Draft Interview 6/11/09
Matt Teague Interview 1/24/09
Blake Tekotte Interview 7/14/09
Blake Tekotte Interview 8/27/09
Tom Tornicasa (Fort Wayne hitting coach) Interview 1/17/09
Tom Tornicasa Interview 8/10/09
Tom Tornicasa Interview 9/18/09
Chris Tremblay Draft Interview 6/18/09
Chris Tremblay Interview 9/26/09
Max Venable (Portland hitting coach) Interview 1/26/07
Matt Vern Interview 6/20/09
Matt Vern Interview 8/16/09
Nick Vincent Interview 5/5/09
Euclides Viloria Interview 5/1/09
Michael Watt Interview 1/8/09
Michael Watt Interview 4/1/09
Michael Watt Interview 8/1/09
Michael Watt Interview 12/23/09
Steve Webber (San Antonio pitching coach) Interview 1/23/09
Steve Webber Interview 2/25/09
Steve Webber Interview 12/22/09
Beamer Weems Interview 4/18/09
Wally Whitehurst (former Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 1/22/09
Mike Wickham (Padres director minor league operations) Interview 3/5/09
Mike Wickham Interview 3/11/09
Chris Wilkes Interview 2/17/09
Chris Wilkes Interview 4/24/09
Chris Wilkes Interview 9/3/09
Chris Wilkes Interview 9/29/09
Everett Williams Draft Interview 6/10/09
Everett Williams Interview 11/13/09
Kevin Winn Interview 7/6/09
Ty Wright Interview 7/13/09
Lance Zawadzki Interview 2/7/09
Lance Zawadzki Interview 6/16/09
Adam Zornes Interview 4/17/09
Adam Zornes Interview 8/4/09

2008 Interviews
Listed alphabetically

Glenn Abbott (Missions pitching coach) Interview 1/11/08
Glenn Abbott (Beavers pitching coach) Interview 6/2/08
Glenn Abbott Interview 8/8/08
Paul Abraham Interview 5/26/08
Paul Abraham Interview 7/2/08
Mike Adams Interview 6/5/08
Andrew Albers Draft Interview 6/11/08
Andrew Albers Draft Interview 6/18/08
Chip Ambers Interview 5/7/08
Dean Anna Interview 9/7/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 4/13/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 4/24/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 5/12/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 8/27/08
Matt Antonelli Interview 10/13/08
Dylan Axelrod Interview 4/19/08
Manny Ayala Interview 6/16/08
Manny Ayala Interview 9/2/08
Tyson Bagley Interview 7/17/08
Tyson Bagley Interview 9/13/08
Anthony Bass Draft Interview 6/7/08
Anthony Bass Interview 9/15/08
Adam Bass Interview 6/28/08
Justin Baum Interview 7/22/08
Mike Baxter Interview 4/14/08
Bud Black Interview 12/9/08
Kyle Blanks Interview 5/5/08
Brad Brach Interview 6/27/08
Tom Bradley (Fort Wayne pitching coach) Interview 8/19/08
Tom Bradley Interview 12/15/08
Aaron Breit Interview 7/23/08
Cooper Brannan Interview 6/18/08
Greg Burke Interview 8/31/08
Matt Buschmann Interview 5/8/08
Matt Buschmann Interview 9/3/08
Shane Buschini Interview 5/23/08
Shane Buschini Interview 6/14/08
Matt Bush Interview 5/14/08
Matt Bush Interview 12/18/08
Mitch Canham Interview 4/21/08
Felix Carrasco Interview 8/20/08
Cesar Carrillo Interview 4/9/08
Sawyer Carroll Draft Interview 6/10/08
Sawyer Carroll Interview 7/8/08
Sawyer Carroll Interview 9/16/08
Yefri Carvajal Interview 8/18/08
Simon Castro Interview 9/8/08
Brad Chalk Interview 7/12/08
Brad Chalk Interview 8/21/08
Peter Ciofrone Interview 6/29/08
Peter Ciofrone Interview 8/22/08
Matt Clark Interview 8/22/08
Matt Clark Interview 10/20/08
Jason Codiroli Draft Interview 6/20/08
Craig Cooper Interview 9/10/08
Manny Crespo (former AZL hitting coach) Interview 1/15/08
Drew Cumberland Interview 7/15/08
RIchie Daigle Interview 5/18/08
James Darnell Draft Interview 6/9/08
Doug Dascenzo (Wizards manager) Interview 1/9/08
Doug Dascenzo (Wizards manager) Interview 8/28/08
Erik Davis Interview 9/18/08
Tom Davis Interview 6/12/08
Tom Davis Interview 11/17/08
Jaff Decker Draft Interview 6/22/08
Mike DeMark Interview 3/11/08
Mike DeMark Interview 8/11/08
Mike DeMark Interview 11/11/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/2/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/3/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/4/08
Paul DePodesta Interview 9/5/08
Draft Recap with Kevin Towers, Chief Gayton, Grady Fuson Interview 6/5/08
Brooks Dunn Interview 4/3/08
Luis Durango Interview 8/2/08
Duffy Dyer (Roving catching instructor) Interview 9/9/08
Allan Dykstra Draft Interview 6/5/08
Allan Dykstra Interview 8/16/08
Mike Ekstrom Interview 8/1/08
Mike Ekstrom Interview 9/14/08
Mike Ekstrom Interview 11/4/08
Jon Ellis Interview 9/11/08
Stephen Faris Interview 8/24/08
Felix Feliz (Latin American scout) Interview 3/6/08
Jose Flores (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 2/15/08
Jose Flores (AZL Padres manager) Interview 11/5/08
Jose Flores (AZL Padres manager) Interview 12/19/08
Felix Francisco (former Latin American scout) Interview 2/25/08
Felix Francisco (former Latin American scout) Interview 3/23/08
Ernesto Frieri Interview 7/16/08
Grady Fuson Q&A 1/22/08
Grady Fuson Q&A 2/28/08
Grady Fuson Q&A 2/29/08
Grady Fuson Interview 8/13/08
Grady Fuson Interview 8/20/08
Grady Fuson Interview 8/26/08
Grady Fuson Interview on AZL prospects 10/2/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Eugene prospects 10/10/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Fort Wayne prospects 10/15/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Lake Elsinore prospects 10/17/08
Grady Fuson Interview on San Antonio prospects 10/24/08
Grady Fuson Interview on Portland prospects 10/30/08
Tom Gamboa (minor league field coordinator) Interview 8/14/08
Tom Gamboa Interview 8/21/08
Tom Gamboa Interview 8/29/08
Steve Garrison Interview 7/2/08
Steve Garrison Interview 8/23/08
Matt Gaski Draft Interview 6/13/08
Bill Gayton (Scouting Director) Interview 5/19/08
Josh Geer Interview 4/27/08
Josh Geer Interview 6/30/08
Josh Geer Interview 8/27/08
Josh Geer Interview 9/14/08
Josh Geer Interview 12/0/08
Edgar Gonzalez Interview 5/13/08
Eric Gonzalez Draft Interview 6/19/08
Tony Gonzalez Interview 3/25/08
Omar Gutierrez Draft Interview 6/16/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 4/30/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 5/25/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 7/8/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 8/27/08
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 12/1/08
Chase Headley Interview 5/10/08
Chase Headley Interview 12/2/08
Jeremy Hefner Interview 8/4/08
Kyle Heyne Interview 9/20/08
Ryan Hill Interview 9/25/08
Chad Huffman Interview 5/9/08
Chad Huffman Interview 9/17/08
Nick Hundley Interview 4/25/08
Nick Hundley Interview 5/15/08
Nick Hundley Interview 6/1/08
Nick Hundley Interview 12/13/08
Cedric Hunter Interview 1/4/08
Cedric Hunter Interview 4/16/08
Colt Hynes Interview 4/18/08
Will Inman Interview 4/20/08
Will Inman Interview 8/28/08
Kurt Isenberg Interview 4/8/08
Neil Jamison Interview 4/6/08
Mike Johnston Interview 3/27/08
Gary Jones (roving fielding instructor) Interview 6/4/08
Gary Jones Interview 9/12/08
Brian Joynt Interview 3/26/08
Sean Kazmar Interview 4/17/08
Sean Kazmar Interview 11/3/08
Terry Kennedy (Double-A hitting coach) Interview 9/19/08
Kellen Kulbacki Interview 2/8/08
Kellen Kulbacki Interview 6/19/08
Evaristo Lantigua (DSL Manager) Interview 2/18/08
Evaristo Lantigua (DSL Manager) Interview 3/10/08
Matt Latos Interview 5/16/08
Wade LeBlanc Interview 4/23/08
Wade LeBlanc Interview 5/22/08
Wade LeBlanc Interview 12/8/08
Carlos Lezcano (Storm manager) Interview 1/5/08
Carlos Lezcano Interview 12/10/08
Cory Luebke Interview 5/1/08
Drew Macias Interview 1/25/08
Drew Macias Interview 9/30/08
John Madden Interview 3/30/08
Greg Maddux retirement Interview 12/8/08
Luis Martinez Interview 1/30/08
Bill Masse (San Antonio manager) Interview 4/6/08
Bill Masse Interview 9/22/08
Bill Masse Interview 11/25/08
Bill Masse Interview 12/30/08
Jeremy McBryde Interview 5/2/08
Derek McDaid Interview 7/9/08
Tyler Mead Interview 3/24/08
Pablo Menchaca Interview 2/13/08
Pablo Menchaca Interview 12/1/08
Angel Mercado Interview 8/8/08
Angel Mercado Interview 9/27/08
Drew Miller Interview 4/11/08
Tony Muser (Roving hitting coordinator) Interview 1/17/08
Rob Musgrave Interview 10/21/08
Brian Myrow Interview 4/29/08
Brian Myrow Interview 7/3/08
Clint Naylor Interview 7/29/08
Danny Payne Interview 8/6/08
Andy Parrino Interview 6/30/08
Andy Parrino Interview 8/10/08
Bronswell Patrick (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 12/17/08
Scott Patterson Interview 9/15/08
Wynn Pelzer Interview 5/30/08
Wynn Pelzer Interview 7/25/08
Eric Peyton (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 12/8/08
Robert Perry Interview 7/26/08
Jackson Quezada Interview 8/7/08
Emmanuel Quiles Interview 11/5/08
Joey Railey Draft Interview 6/15/08
Dave Rajsich (AZL/Eugene pitching coach) Interview 1/2/08
Dave Rajsich (AZL/Eugene pitching coach) Interview 2/4/08
Dave Rajsich (Eugene pitching coach) Interview 12/22/08
Cesar Ramos Interview 4/29/08
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 5/27/08
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 6/20/08
Randy Ready (Portland manager) Interview 9/1/08
Rick Renteria (former Portland manager) Interview 1/16/08
Greg Riddoch (Eugene manager) Interview 8/4/08
Greg Riddoch Interview 12/16/08
Dan Robertson Draft Interview 6/8/08
Dan Robertson Interview 7/30/08
Dan Robertson Interview 8/11/08
Dan Robertson Interview 11/7/08
Keoni Ruth Interview 7/1/08
Nick Schmidt Interview 5/20/08
Nick Schumacher Interview 6/24/08
Nick Schumacher Interview 11/10/08
Evan Scribner Interview 12/23/08
Derek Shunk Interview 6/12/08
Bob Skube (Wizards hitting coach) Interview 1/21/08
Randy Smith (director of international scouting) Interview 2/22/08
Randy Smith International Signing Day Primer Interview 6/26/08
Randy Smith (director of international scouting) Interview 7/3/08
Randy Smith Interview 9/26/08
Eric Sogard Interview 1/23/08
Eric Sogard Interview 4/8/08
Jhonaton Spraud Interview 1/13/08
Blake Tekotte Interview 7/31/08
Blake Tekotte Interview 10/27/08
Tom Tornicasa (Fort Wayne hitting coach) Interview 8/25/08
Tom Tornicasa Interview 12/26/08
Jeudy Valdez Interview 11/18/08
Geoff Vandel Interview 3/28/08
Max Venable (Lake Elsinore hitting coach) Interview 2/19/08
Max Venable (Portland hitting coach) Interview 11/24/08
Will Venable Interview 4/12/08
Will Venable Interview 7/11/08
Will Venable Interview 8/27/08
WIll Venable Interview 9/29/08
Bobby Verbick Interview 11/21/08
Nick Vincent Interview 8/30/08
Beamer Weems Interview 11/22/08
Steve Webber (Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 1/29/08
Steve Webber (San Antonio pitching coach) Interview 10/28/08
Jared Wells Interview 5/20/08
Wally Whitehurst (Eugene pitching coach) Interview 1/20/08
Wally Whitehurst (Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 12/29/08
Shawn Wooten Interview 7/21/08
Shawn Wooten Interview 8/27/08
Lance Zawadzki Interview 8/15/08

Listed alphabetically

Glenn Abbott (Mobile/San Antonio pitching coach) Interview 2/5/07
Glenn Abbott Interview 6/6/07
Glenn Abbott Interview 10/26/07
Glenn Abbott Interview 11/21/07
Paul Abraham Interview 3/30/07
Paul Abraham Interview 6/4/07
Paul Abraham Interview 9/8/07
Paul Abraham Interview 10/9/07
Josh Alley Interview 9/8/07
Matt Antonelli Interview 3/23/07
Matt Antonelli Interview 7/26/07
Matt Antonelli Interview 9/30/07
Dylan Axelrod Interview 7/19/07
Manny Ayala Interview 1/4/07
Manny Ayala Interview 7/9/07
Jamie Baker Interview 1/17/07
Bobby Basham Interview 5/18/07
Justin Baum Draft Interview 6/20/07
Justin Baum Interview 8/13/07
Mike Baxter Interview 5/6/07
Mike Baxter Interview 10/22/07
San Diego Padres manager Bud Black Interview 1/7/07
San Diego Padres manager Bud Black Interview 12/5/07
Kyle Blanks Interview 3/11/07
Kyle Blanks Interview 6/1/07
Kyle Blanks Interview 8/14/07
Kyle Blanks Interview 9/7/07
Robbie Blauer Draft Interview 6/9/07
Robbie Blauer Draft Interview 7/10/07
Brett Bonvechio Interview 10/5/07
Cooper Brannan Interview 4/27/07
Cooper Brannan Interview 6/13/07
Aaron Breit Interview 4/5/07
Aaron Breit Interview 6/25/07
Andrew Brown Interview 5/5/07
Tim Brown Interview 4/7/07
Kyler Burke Interview 3/12/07
Greg Burke Interview 8/3/07
Matt Bush Interview 4/3/07
Matt Bush Interview 7/10/07
Matt Buschmann Interview 2/17/07
Matt Buschmann Interview 3/13/07
Matt Buschmann Interview 8/5/07
Matt Buschmann Interview 11/7/07
Michael Campbell Interview 3/14/07
Mitch Canham Interview 7/5/07
Mitch Canham Interview 11/26/07
Luke Carlin audio Interview 4/14/07
Felix Carrasco Interview 8/12/07
Cesar Carrillo Interview 4/2/07
Sam Carter Interview 4/19/07
Yefri Carvajal Interview 8/16/07
Jack Cassel audio Interview 4/20/07
Jose Castro (Portland Beavers hitting coach) Interview 1/14/07
Jose Castro (Portland Beavers hitting coach) Interview 11/18/07
Jose Castro audio Interview 1/14/07
Simon Castro Interview 2/6/07
Simon Castro Interview 8/22/07
Joe Cates (potential draft-and-follow) Interview 3/15/07
Brad Chalk Interview 7/24/07
Ray Chang Interview 8/29/07
Peter Ciofrone Interview 4/30/07
Peter Ciofrone Interview 9/14/07
Christian Colon Draft Interview 6/8/07
Rayner Contreras Interview 1/16/07
Keith Conlon Interview 8/2/07
Craig Cooper Interview 4/14/07
Craig Cooper Interview 7/30/07
Craig Cooper Interview 9/7/07
Mike Couchee (Roving pitching coordinator) Interview 12/26/07
Manny Crespo (AZL Padres hitting coach) Interview 1/12/07
Manny Crespo (AZL Padres hitting coach) Interview 12/3/07
Nic Crosta Interview 3/9/07
Luis Cruz Interview 4/8/07
Luis Cruz Interview 9/6/07
Drew Cumberland Draft Interview 6/7/07
Drew Cumberland Interview 12/27/07
Nathan Culp Interview 4/5/07
Nathan Culp Interview 4/10/07
Nathan Culp Interview 8/24/07
Nathan Culp Interview 9/15/07
Jack Cust audio Interview 4/20/07
Doug Dascenzo Interview 10/4/07
Doug Dascenzo Interview 12/20/07
Richie Daigle Interview 8/8/07
Steve Delabar Interview 1/28/07
Steve Delabar on no-hit bid Interview 6/28/07
Brett Dowdy Interview 5/4/07
Brett Dowdy Interview 9/7/07
Brooks Dunn Interview 6/2/07
Luis Durango Interview 7/24/07
Luis Durango Interview 9/24/07
Mike Ekstrom Interview 5/21/07
Mike Ekstrom Interview 5/21/07
Mike Epping Interview 5/24/07
Stephen Faris Interview 4/10/07
Stephen Faris two-hitter Interview 6/28/07
Stephen Faris one-hitter Interview 7/17/07
Jose Flores (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 11/8/07
Jose Flores (Eugene hitting coach) Interview 11/29/07
David Freese Interview 2/27/07
David Freese Interview 3/14/07
David Freese Interview 7/1/07
David Freese Interview 7/8/07
Ernesto Frieri Interview 3/28/07
Ernesto Frieri Interview 8/31/07
Grady Fuson Interview 9/10/07
Grady Fuson Interview 9/21/07
Grady Fuson Interview 9/27/07
Fuson, Gayton Kevin Towers on MLB Draft 6/8/07
Fuson, Gayton Kevin Towers on MLB Draft 6/9/07
Fuson, Gayton Kevin Towers on MLB Draft 6/9/07
Fuson, Gayton on Mat Latos signing 5/30/07
Rey Garramone Interview 2/26/07
Rey Garramone Interview 5/1/07
Rey Garramone Interview 9/23/07
Steve Garrison Interview 8/7/07
Steve Garrison Interview 8/15/07
Edgar Garzon Interview 8/20/07
Chief Gayton (Padres scouting director Interview 5/11/07
Chief Gayton (Padres scouting director Interview 5/12/07
Josh Geer Interview 5/27/07
Josh Geer Interview 9/5/07
Josh Geer Interview 9/6/07
Justin Germano Interview 6/3/07
Dustin Gibbs Interview 3/26/07
Dustin Gibbs Interview 5/16/07
Dustin Gibbs Interview 9/8/07
Brandon Gottier Interview 7/30/07
Andrew Gribbin Interview 3/28/07
Matt Handley Interview 4/22/07
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 10/17/07
Chase Headley Interview 3/11/07
Chase Headley Interview 5/15/07
Chase Headley Interview 7/23/07
Chase Headley Interview 9/6/07
Jeremy Hefner Interview 10/3/07
Brian Hernandez Interview 6/2/07
Carlos Hernandez (Roving catching instructor) Interview 1/22/07
Brandon Higelin Interview 4/1/07
Brandon Higelin Interview 9/10/07
Ryan Hill Draft Interview 6/15/07
Trevor Hoffman Interview 7/11/07
Matt Howe (Former Eugene hitting coach) Interview 1/3/07
John Hudgins Interview 11/15/07
Matt Huff Interview 3/28/07
Matt Huff Interview 5/20/07
Matt Huff Interview 8/28/07
Chad Huffman Interview 1/11/07
Chad Huffman Interview 7/26/07
Chad Huffman Interview 9/28/07
Nick Hundley Interview 9/25/07
Jeremy Hunt Interview 7/19/07
Cedric Hunter Interview 3/12/07
Cedric Hunter Interview 7/17/07
John Hussey Interview 3/28/07
John Hussey Interview 8/20/07
Colt Hynes Interview 8/29/07
Will Inman Interview 8/2/07
Will Inman Interview 8/17/07
Neil Jamison Interview 5/24/07
Michael Johnson Interview 3/15/07
Michael Johnson Interview 5/14/07
Seth Johnston Interview 9/10/07
Daryl Jones Interview 3/15/07
Daryl Jones Interview 4/26/07
Daryl Jones Interview 7/13/07
Gary Jones Interview 1/2/07
Brian Joynt Draft Interview 6/11/07
Sean Kazmar Interview 5/16/07
Sean Kazmar Interview 10/27/07
Tom King Interview 3/9/07
Tom King Interview 11/10/07
Corey Kluber Interview 7/15/07
Corey Kluber Interview 11/4/07
Kevin Kouzmanoff Interview 1/15/07
Kellen Kulbacki Draft Interview 6/13/07
Kellen Kulbacki Draft Interview 6/19/07
Kellen Kulbacki Draft Interview 8/30/07
Pete Laforest audio Interview 5/20/07
Pete Laforest audio Interview 6/20/07
Lake Elsinore Storm players on PETCO 6/10/07
Gary Lance (Portland Pitching coach) Interview 1/27/07
Gary Lance on Carrillo, Stauffer, Germano 4/14/07
Gary Lance on Aaron Rakers promotion, Carrillo 4/18/07
Gary Lance on Ryan Ketchner, Scott Strckland, Leo Rosales 5/4/07
Gary Lance on Jared Wells 5/5/07
Gary Lance on Tim Stauffer 6/3/07
Gary Lance Interview 12/13/07
Alexis Lara Interview 9/20/07
Mat Latos Interview 2/23/07
Broward coach Bob Deutschman on Mat Latos Interview 5/2/07
Mat Latos Interview 6/14/07
Mat Latos Interview 7/13/07
Mat Latos Interview 9/10/07
Brian Lauderdale Interview 7/21/07
Phil Laurent Interview 8/3/07
Wade LeBlanc Interview 3/16/06
Wade LeBlanc Interview 5/6/06
Wade LeBlanc Interview 6/1/06
Wade LeBlanc Interview 9/15/07
Carlos Lezcano (Storm manager) Interview 8/15/07
Carlos Lezcano (Storm manager) Interview 12/19/07
Jon Link Interview 6/8/07
Jose Lobaton Interview 7/1/07
Wilton Lopez signing 10/30/07
Wilton Lopez Interview 11/2/07
Cory Luebke Draft Interview 6/14/07
Cory Luebke Interview 8/27/07
Cory Luebke Interview 12/30/07
Drew Macias Interview 2/21/07
Drew Macias Interview 5/11/07
Drew Macias Interview 9/6/07
Drew Macias Interview 9/24/07
John Madden Interview 10/19/07
Greg Maddux Interview 7/20/07
Luis Martinez Interview 8/23/07
Jose Mayi Interview 8/28/07
Paul McAnulty Interview 6/5/07
Jeremy McBryde Interview 9/26/07
Derek McDaid Interview 6/22/07
Adam McDaniel Draft Interview 6/19/07
Aeden McQueary Interview 7/23/07
Tyler Mead Interview 2/22/07
Vantroit Medina Interview 9/24/07
Angel Mercado Draft Interview 6/15/07
Pablo Menchaca Interview 1/23/07
Drew Miller Interview 4/22/07
Drew Miller Interview 4/24/07
Drew Miller Interview 12/21/07
Colt Morton Interview 9/11/07
Tony Muser Interview 12/24/07
Clint Naylor Interview 5/10/07
Clint Naylor Interview 8/21/07
Shawn Olsen Draft Interview 6/14/07
Hunter Ovens Draft Interview 6/14/07
Jose Oyervidez Interview 3/30/07
Andrew Parrino Interview 9/1/07
Danny Payne Draft Interview 6/11/07
Danny Payne Interview 9/18/07
Wynn Pelzer Draft Interview 6/20/07
Chris Perez Interview 2/2/07
Chris Perez Interview 8/14/07
Robert Perry Draft Interview 6/17/07
Robert Perry Interview 8/4/07
Justin Pickett Interview 5/19/07
Jose Pimentel Interview 6/11/07
Brandon Powell Interview 3/11/07
Jackson Quezada Interview 2/21/07
Jackson Quezada Interview 7/1/07
Emmanuel Quilles Draft Interview 6/17/07
Dave Rajsich (AZL/Eugene pitching coach) Interview 11/30/07
Dave Rajsich (AZL/Eugene pitching coach) Interview 12/3/07
Yordany Ramirez Interview 3/23/07
Yordany Ramirez Interview 6/29/07
Yordany Ramirez Interview 11/1/07
Cesar Ramos Interview 3/28/07
Cesar Ramos Interview 9/17/07
Randy Ready Interview 1/5/07
Randy Ready introduced as San Antonio skipper Interview 2/14/07
Randy Ready Interview 5/22/07
Randy Ready Interview 10/29/07
Randy Ready Interview 12/16/07
Anthony Renteria Draft Interview 6/30/07
Rick Renteria (Portland manager) audio Interview 4/14/07
Rick Renteria (Portland manager) audio Interview 6/2/07
Rick Renteria Interview 12/14/07
Rick Renteria audio Interview 4/20/07
Greg Riddoch (Eugene manager) Interview 12/23/07
R.J. Rodriguez Interview 9/7/07
Leo Rosales audio Interview 4/18/07
Yesid Salazar Interview 8/10/07
Mike Sansoe Interview 5/10/07
Nick Schmidt Draft Interview 6/8/07
Jon Searles Interview 5/24/07
Vince Sinisi Interview 4/12/07
Vince Sinisi Interview 6/21/07
Bob Skube (Fort Wayne hitting coach) 12/8/07
Randy Smith (director of international scouting) Interview 2/20/07
Randy Smith (director of international scouting) Interview 7/3/07
Randy Smith (director of international scouting) Interview 7/5/07
Eric Sogard Interview 8/16/07
Nathan Staggs Interview 3/30/07
Craig Stansberry Interview 5/16/07
Craig Stansberry Interview 6/21/07
Will Startup Interview 7/1/07
Matt Stocco Interview 8/11/07
Matt Stocco Interview 10/23/07
Kyle Stutes Interview 4/17/07
Matt Teague Interview 9/7/07
Mike Thompson Interview 6/6/07
Sean Thompson Interview 5/29/07
Tommy Toledo Draft Interview 6/19/07
Tom Tornicasa (Lake Elsinore hitting coach) Interview 12/11/07
Rolando Valdez Interview 6/21/07
Geoff Vandel Interview 6/26/07
Max Venable (Fort Wayne hitting coach) Interview 1/19/07
Max Venable (Fort Wayne hitting coach) Interview 11/27/07
Will Venable Interview 5/8/07
Will Venable Interview 8/6/07
Euclides Viloria Interview 6/11/07
Steve Webber (Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 1/25/07
Steve Webber Interview 11/15/07
Steve Webber Interview 12/9/07
Garner Wetzel Interview 3/26/07
Wally Whitehurst (Fort Wayne pitching coach) Interview 10/02/07
Wally Whitehurst (Fort Wayne pitching coach) Interview 11/28/07
Ross Wilson Draft Interview 6/20/07
Robert Woodard Interview 10/8/07
Lance Zawadzki Interview 8/18/07
Lance Zawadzki Interview 11/17/07
Broadcaster Interview Series: Bryan Beban 12/30/07
Broadcaster Interview Series: Mike Maahs 1/2/08
Broadcaster Interview Series: Sean McCall 1/3/08
Broadcaster Interview Series: Stu Paul 1/3/08
Broadcaster Interview Series: Rich Burk 1/4/08
Royals' scouting director, Deric Ladnier Interview 1/8/07

Listed alphabetically

Glenn Abbott Mobile Pitching Coach Interview 7/23/06
Glenn Abbott Mobile Pitching Coach Interview 12/18/06
Josh Alley Interview 3/14/06
Matt Antonelli Interview 6/14/06
Matt Antonelli Interview 7/12/06
Matt Antonelli Audio Interview 8/5/06
Matt Antonelli Audio Interview 8/12/06
Matt Antonelli Audio Interview 8/13/06
Matt Antonelli Audio Interview 8/14/06
Matt Antonelli Audio Interview 8/15/06
Matt Antonelli Interview 9/13/06
Manny Ayala Interview 3/24/06
Tim Bascom Interview 6/13/06
Mike Baxter Interview 7/28/06
Arnie Beyeler (Mobile hitting coach) Interview 6/21/06
Arnie Beyeler (Mobile hitting coach) Interview 11/14/06
Arnie Beyeler (Mobile hitting coach) Interview 12/24/06
Brett Bonvechio Interview 5/8/06
Kyle Blanks Interview 6/26/06
Kyle Blanks Interview 12/9/06
Tom Bradley (Fort Wayne Pitching coach) Interview 12/18/06
Dewon Brazleton one-hitter Interview 6/17/06
Dewon Brazleton Interview 8/29/06
Aaron Breit Audio Interview 7/22/06
Aaron Breit Audio Interview 8/15/06
Aaron Breit Interview 8/18/06
Aaron Breit Audio Interview 8/27/06
Aaron Breit Interview 11/3/06
Tim Brown Interview 2/21/06
Tim Brown Interview 10/23/06
Rich Burk (Portland Beavers Broadcaster) Interview 10/30/06
Kyler Burke Interview 6/9/06
Kyler Burke Interview 10/17/06
Matt Buschmann Interview 8/4/06
Matt Buschmann Audio Interview 8/12/06
Matt Buschmann Audio Interview 8/23/06
Matt Buschmann Interview 9/19/06
Cesar Carrillo Interview 5/18/06
Brent Carter Interview 4/12/06
Yefri Carvajal Interview 11/28/06
Entrevista con Yefri Carvajal 11/28/06
Mike Cameron Interview 4/21/06
Vinny Castilla Interview 3/7/06
Jose Castro (Portland Hitting Coach) Interview 11/13/06
Peter Ciofrone Interview 4/10/06
Peter Ciofrone Interview 10/08/06
Jeremy Cleveland Interview 4/19/06
Padres Pitching Consultant Bob Cluck Interview 8/15/06
Padres Pitching Consultant Bob Cluck Interview 12/12/06
Craig Colbert Interview 6/13/06
Craig Colbert Audio Interview 8/23/06
Craig Colbert Audio Interview 8/27/06
Craig Colbert (Padres' bench coach) Interview 11/30/06
Craig Colbert (Padres' bench coach) Interview 12/29/06
Craig Cooper Audio Interview 8/23/06
Craig Cooper Audio Interview 8/24/06
Willy Crafort Interview 6/22/06
Manny Crespo (AZL Padres hitting coach) Interview 11/22/06
Nic Crosta Interview 2/17/06
Nic Crosta Interview 3/16/06
Nic Crosta AUDIO Interview 6/4/06
Nic Crosta Interview 10/16/06
Luis Cruz Interview 7/18/06
Nate Culp Audio Interview 7/23/06
Jack Cust seven-RBI Interview 6/1706
Richie Daigle Interview 6/15/06
Eugene manager Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 7/3/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 7/22/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 7/23/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/4/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/5/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/11/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/12/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/14/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/15/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/23/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 8/25/06
Doug Dascenzo Audio Interview 9/6/06
Doug Dascenzo Interview 9/15/06
Doug Dascenzo Interview 12/7/06
Drew Davidson Interview 1/19/06
Rob Deer (Roving Hitting Coordinator) Interview 11/25/06
Brett Dowdy Interview 3/15/06
Brooks Dunn Audio Interview 7/14/06
Brooks Dunn Audio Interview 8/25/06
Brooks Dunn Interview 8/29/06
Brooks Dunn Audio Interview 9/4/06
Russ Eisenstein (Eugene Emeralds broadcaster Interview 10/31/06
Mike Ekstrom Interview 11/6/06
Jonathan Ellis Interview 6/14/06
Mike Epping Interview 7/7/06
Mike Epping Audio Interview 7/14/06
Mike Epping Audio Interview 7/22/06
Mike Epping Audio Interview 8/3/06
Mike Epping Audio Interview 8/14/06
Mike Epping Audio Interview 9/5/06
Eugene Emeralds minicamp Interview 6/18/06
Tom Gamboa (defensive coordinator/staff development) Interview 10/13/06
Tom Gamboa (defensive coordinator/staff development) Interview 11/29/06
Josh Geer Interview 7/5/06
Freddy Guzman Interview 5/2/06
Stephen Faris Interview 9/7/06
International Scout Felix Francisco Interview 11/22/06
International Scout Felix Francisco Interview 12/30/06
David Freese Interview 6/27/06
David Freese Audio Interview 7/3/06
David Freese Interview 7/7/06
Ernesto Frieri Audio Interview 8/4/06
Grady Fuson/Chief Gayton Draft Interview 6/8/06
Adrian Gonzalez Audio Interview 4/3/06
Matt Hagen Interview 4/6/06
Tim Hagerty (Mobile BayBears broadcaster) Interview 11/1/06
Dirk Hayhurst Interview 6/13/06
Chase Headley Interview 9/18/06
Clay Hensley Interview 7/20/06
Brian Hernandez Interview 8/2/06
Carlos Hernandez (Roving catching instructor) Interview 12/10/06
Brandon Higelin Interview 4/5/06
Brandon Higelin Interview 6/27/06
Murray Hopley Interview 8/30/06
Matt Howe (Eugene Hitting coach) Interview 6/19/06
Matt Howe (Eugene Hitting coach) Interview 11/20/06
Chad Huffman Interview 7/19/06
Chad Huffman Audio Interview 8/3/06
Chad Huffman Audio Interview 8/13/06
Chad Huffman Audio Interview 8/27/06
Nick Hundley Interview 7/12/06
Nick Hundley Interview 10/18/06
Cedric Hunter Interview 8/3/06
Cedric Hunter Interview 9/16/06
Chris Jaile Interview 5/31/06
Neil Jamison Interview 9/29/06
Ben Johnson Interview 7/21/06
Ben Johnson Interview 8/29/06
Michael Johnson Interview 5/16/06
Seth Johnston Interview 4/25/06
Seth Johnston Interview 6/25/06
Daryl Jones Interview 6/29/06
Gary Jones (Mobile Manager) Interview 6/19/06
Gary Jones (Mobile Manager) Interview 12/1/06
Kennard Jones Interview 5/11/06
Sean Kazmar Interview 9/12/06
Tom King Audio Interview 8/6/06
Tom King Audio Interview 8/24/06
Tom King Interview 11/25/06
Jeff Kingston (Director of Baseball Ops) Interview 2/1/06
Jeff Kingston (Director of Baseball Ops) Interview Part II 2/15/06
Jon Kirby Interview 9/12/06
Jon Knott Audio Interview 8/27/06
Jon Koch Interview 2/10/06
George Kottaras Interview 2/7/06
George Kottaras Interview 5/30/06
George Kottaras Interview 7/10/06
Ben Krosschell Interview 3/1/06
Ben Krosschell Interview 8/11/06
Ben Krosschell Audio Interview 8/22/06
Ben Krosschell Interview 9/20/06
Gary Lance (Portland Pitching Coach) Interview 4/19/06
Gary Lance Interview 6/13/06
Gary Lance Interview 12/20/06
Brian Lauderdale Interview 9/8/06
Matt Lauderdale Interview 5/24/06
Wade LeBlanc audio Interview 7/23/06
Wade LeBlanc Interview 9/17/06
Carlos Lezcano (AZL Padres manager) Interview 12/8/06
Carlos Lezcano (AZL Padres manager) Interview 12/26/06
Carlos Lezcano (AZL Padres manager) Interview 12/27/06
Justin Leone Interview 1/16/06
Jesus Lopez Audio Interview 8/11/06
Mike Maahs (Fort Wayne Wizards broadcaster) Interview 11/1/06
Drew Macias Interview 5/9/06
John Madden Interview 7/26/06
Justin Mattison Audio Interview 7/3/06
Justin Mattison Interview 8/7/06
Sean McCall (Lake Elsinore Storm broadcaster Interview 11/2/06
Paul McAnulty Interview 7/9/06
Ryan Meaux Interview 4/28/06
Evan Meek Interview 4/14/06
Cla Meredith Audio Interview 6/2/06
Drew Miller Audio Interview 8/6/06
Drew Miller Audio Interview 8/27/06
Drew Miller Interview 9/11/06
Colt Morton Interview 3/20/06
Jose Oyervidez Interview 8/17/06
Chris Oxspring Interview on being sold to Japan 1/2/06
Jake Peavy Interview 3/7/06
Eddie Pena Interview 2/9/06
Mike Piazza Interview 3/8/06
Mike Piazza Interview 3/9/06
Portland Audio: Jared Wells, Jack Cust, Gary Lance 6/28/06
Dave Rajsich (AZL Padres pitching coach) Interview 12/13/06
Yordany Ramirez Interview 6/20/06
Randy Ready Interview 3/13/06
Randy Ready Interview 3/20/06
Randy Ready Interview 8/14/06
Randy Ready Interview 12/5/06
Rick Renteria Interview 12/3/06
R.J. Rodriguez Interview 10/24/06
Luany Sanchez Audio Interview 8/4/06
Mike Sansoe Interview 7/22/06
Stephen Spragg Interview 1/13/06
Terrmel Sledge Audio Interview 8/23/06
Randy Smith (Director of International Scouting) Interview 4/18/06
Matt Stocco Interview 4/8/06
Matt Stocco Audio Interview 8/23/06
Matt Stocco Audio Interview 8/27/06
Dale Thayer Interview 2/5/06
Tom Tornicasa (Storm hitting coach) Interview 11/15/06
Executive Vice President/General Manager Kevin Towers Interview 8/25/06
Rusty Tucker Interview 2/3/06
Tim Turner Interview 5/10/06
Andy Underwood Interview 8/8/06
Geoff Vandel Interview 3/2/06
Grant Varnell Interview 1/12/06
Matt Varner Interview 2/20/06
Max Venable (Fort Wayne hitting coach Interview 11/17/06
Will Venable Interview 6/30/06
Padres First base coach Tye Waller Interview 7/27/06
Steve Webber (Lake Elsinore pitching coach) Interview 12/19/06
Jared Wells Interview 5/23/06
Jared Wells Interview 10/11/06
Garner Wetzel Interview 8/21/06
Wally Whitehurst (Emeralds pitching coach) Audio Interview 8/27/06
Wally Whitehurst Q&A 9/30/06
Wally Whitehurst Q&A 10/2/06
Wally Whitehurst on Eugene pitchers 12/15/06
Chris Young Audio Interview 4/4/06

Listed newest first

John Madden Interview
Geoffrey Jones Interview
Padres roving fielding instructor Tony Franklin Interview
Josh Barfield Interview
Roving Fielding Instructor Tony Franklin Interview
Jon Ellis Interview
Ronnie Merrill to Oakland Interview
Steven Andrade Interview
Rule V Draft Padres' brass Interview
Roving Batting Instructor Rob Deer Interview
Sean Kazmar Interview
Jared Wells Interview
Fernando Valenzuela Jr. Audio Interview
Jonathan of PDXBeavers Interview
Justin Leone Interview
Brandon Kintzler Interview
Kottaras, Wells 40-man roster addition Interview
Matt Lauderdale Interview
George Kottaras Interview
Mike Ekstrom Interview
Mike Sansoe Interview
Michael Johnson Interview
Peter Ciofrone Interview
Colt Morton Interview
Grady Fuson Interview
Ryan Trytten Interview
Brian Giles Interview
Ryan Klatt Interview
Michael Johnson Interview
Greg Sain Interview
Eddie Bonine Audio Interview
Colt Morton Audio Interview
Michael Johnson Interview
Josh Howard Interview
Tagg Bozied Interview
Josh Geer Interview
Paul McAnulty Interview II
Paul McAnulty Interview
Eugene Manager Roy Howell Interview
Storm Manager Rick Renteria Interview
Chris Oxspring Interview
Luke Steidlmayer Interview
Will Venable Interview
Dustin Delucchi Interview
Seth Johnston Interview
Chase Headley Interview
Ben Johnson Interview
Roving catching instructor Joe Ferguson Interview
Brent Carter Interview
Yordany Ramirez Interview
Leo Rosales Interview
Ricky Steik Interview
Sean Burroughs Interview
Richie Daigle Interview
Nick Hundley Interview
Matt Thayer Interview
Khalil Greene Interview
Andres Pagan Audio Interview
Matt Bush Interview
Jon Link Interview
Sean Kazmar Interview
Clay Hensley Interview
Matt Varner Interview
Mike Baxter Interview
Tye Waller on low minors prospects
Wizards' manager Randy Ready Interview Part II
Tye Waller on promotions of Smith, Cleland, Turner, Varnell, Kottaras
Chris Kolkhorst Interview
Wizards' manager Randy Ready Interview
Craig Breslow Interview
Mobile Pitching Coach Mike Harkey Interview
Padres GM Kevin Towers Interview
Tye Waller on promotions of Carrillo, Wells, Hamilton, Kintzler, Klatt and Ramos
Kyle Blanks Interview
Mobile All-Stars Interview
Padres' Director of Baseball Operations Jeff Kingston Interview Part II
Clay Hensley Promoted Interview
Padres' Director of Baseball Operations Jeff Kingston Interview
Jordan Pickens Interview
Kyle Stutes Interview
Jared Wells Interview
Cesar Carrillo Interview
BA's Kevin Goldstein Interview II
BA's Kevin Goldstein Interview I
Greg Sain Interview II
Greg Sain Interview I
Arnold Hughey Interview
Tye Waller on Lake Elsinore, Fort Wayne prospects
Tye Waller on Portland, Mobile prospects
Paul McAnulty Interview
Travis Chick Interview
Sean Thompson Interview
Draft Pick Seth Johnston Interview
Draft Pick Neil Jamison Interview
Kyle Blanks Interview
Draft Prospect Cesar Carrillo Interview
Draft Prospect Brent Carter Interview
Draft Prospect Casey Smith Interview
Brett Dowdy Interview
Long Beach State Pitching Coach Interview on Ramos, Neil Jamison
Draft Prospect Cesar Ramos Interview
Yavapai manager Sky Smeltzer on Kyle Blanks
Mike Ekstrom Interview
Tom Krasovic Interview
Brett Bonvechio Interview
Paul McAnulty Interview
Drew Macias Interview
Dirk Hayhurst Interview
Michael Johnson Interview
Josh Barfield Interview
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Ryan Trytten Interview
Brian Fryer Interview
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David O'Hagan Interview
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Billy Killian Interview
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Chris Oxspring Interview
George Kottaras Interview
Ben Johnson Interview
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Vern Sterry and Colt Morton Interview
Nick Trzesniak Interview
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Billy Killian Interview
Colt Morton Interview 2004 Pitcher of the Year Interview 2004 Position Player of the Year Interview
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R.D. Spiehs AFL Interview
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David Pauley Q&A
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Christopher Kolkhorst interview (The Grit Man)
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Padres first round pick, Matt Bush interview
Travis Chick on pitching in the playoffs
Nick Trzesniak interview
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Sean Thompson interview
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Josh Barfield, Paul McAnulty, Brad Baker, Ben Johnson Interview on Arizona Fall League play
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Ben Johnson Interview
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Rob Neyer of ESPN Interview
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Tye Waller Interview on Lake Elsinore and Fort Wayne prospects
Old-timer Floyd Robinson Interview
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Tye Waller Interview on Portland prospects
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Lake Elsinore Exclusive
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Jake Gautreau Q&A Promotion to Portland in Fort Wayne
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John Sickels Q&A: Padres Sleepers
June 20 - Furmaniak Interview
John Sickles Q&A
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Baseball America's Kevin Goldstein
Baseball America's Kevin Goldstein Interview
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Jim Callis Interview
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Jon Knott Interview
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Jon Knott Interview
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Jon Knott Interview
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