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Skube on AZL Padres hitting prospects

Rymer Liriano

Hitting coach Bob Skube saw the progression of Rymer Liriano up close. He coached his son Ryan. He had brief interludes with Everett Williams and Corey Adamson. And an even briefer player impressed him. We caught up with the San Diego Padres minor league hitting coach to discuss the AZL Padres hitters.

The thing that impressed me the most about Rymer Liriano was that he was able to cut down the strikeouts in the final month of the year. Bob Skube: He definitely did the last third of the season. His strikeouts went way down. He probably did go down in HRs a little bit too. Just from the beginning of the year till the end. Cut back on the HRs and cut back on the K's. That's kind of the way it... Recommended Stories

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