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MadFriars Q & A: Ben Krosschell

MadFriars Q & A: Ben Krosschell

"When I was in high school I never lifted, never worked out, I ran and threw, and that was it." Ben Krosschell knew things would be different after being drafted by the Padres, but despite being recruited by some of the best college programs, and signing a letter of intent with New Mexico State, he never hesitated. Now in Peoria for extended spring training Krosschell's future is as bright as the Arizona sun.

MadFriars: You won't turn 20 until after the season, does that take some of the pressure off you because you don't necessarily have to move up quickly? Ben Krosschell: I don't think it takes the pressure off, when I first came down here I knew I was going to be the young one but that doesn't mean anything to me, I'm a very competitive guy, and I want to be the best no matter how old you are or... Recommended Stories

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