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Thayer Thursdays

Matt Thayer was disappointed, there's no denying it. After learning that he would be left in extended Spring Training rather than head to Lo-A Fort Wayne to open the 2005 season Matt took a couple days off and got his head straight. Armed with tools, desire, the will to win and a new attitude Matt has returned to Peoria, AZ and gone back to doing what he does best, playing baseball. <b>Thayer Thursdays</b> returns as well, and Matt gives us a little preview of what is in store for him.

So the season is a week old, and my expectations of freezing in Fort Wayne have turned into a reality of sweating in Peoria. Being stuck in extended spring training was something I had hoped to avoid but here I am. There is really little I can control at this point with regards to where I go or when I go there.   Well at least that's how I felt when the news was delivered...