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Thompson Tuesdays

Thompson Tuesdays

Well, the first outing is out of the way, and let me tell you, after showing up several days too early, and thus doing nothing but Spring Training stuff everyday…yeah I was just glad to see a different uniform at the park. I'm sure you all read the stats online, perhaps even checked, and just to let you know, I walked just three, not five. I mean come on, I know it's my first outing, and I know very well my history of #$%ing the bed and forgetting how to throw strikes.

But seriously, five walks, and only one earned run?  Come on now, get realistic y'all.  Anyway, the outing, to be blunt and honest, was not what I wanted but it was also something that I could build off of for my next start.    I hate walking guys.  I hate letting the worst hitters, or even the hitters that are ‘All Stars' and ‘Prospects' for their respective teams, get a free pass.  I hate... Recommended Stories

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