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Thompson Tuesdays

Thompson Tuesdays

Ahhhhhhhhhh yes, I'm here in paradise. And just so you know, normally I would never say that about Arizona. Too hot for me. I like the cold weather. Ok, so far it has been amazing out here. I walked in the clubhouse the first day and wow, I couldn't believe it. Looking at my locker was like looking under the tree Christmas morning. I mean I'm talking everything a fan of a team would go to Footlocker and spend a bunch of money on. The good stuff.  

It was really cool for me to actually finally be down here and everything.  Meeting the guys, everything, but when I pulled my jersey out and looked at the back, I'm not gonna lie, I got a little teary eyed.  I've worked my whole life and though I'm still a few stops away from the show, it was still and emotional moment for me.  When I saw the name spread across the back of my jersey, thought of... Recommended Stories

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