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Padres Prospect Interview: Greg Sain

Greg Sain

High strikeout totals have been Greg Sain's problem since he was taken in the fifth round of the 2001 draft out of the University of San Diego, and while those strikeouts might have been the reason he hasn't moved up, home run totals are the reason the Padres haven't given up on the first baseman yet. He set a Mobile Bay Bears record with 28 jacks in 2004, and looks forward to 2005 being the year where he connects even more consistently. caught Greg Sain between building a pond and renovating his brother's home in Southern California to talk homers, strikeouts and fatherly advice. Was it a tough decision for you to pass up pro ball coming out of High School and go to the University of San Diego? Greg Sain: At the time I wasn't committed to a four-year university yet, so taking the Tigers offer was... Recommended Stories

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