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Mid-season Portland update with Padres' Tye Waller

Jon Knott

San Diego Padres' Director of Player Development, Tye Waller, joined up with John Conniff to get a mid-season update on the prospects within the system. Waller touched on how players such as Dennis Tankersley, Humberto Quintero, Jon Knott, Xavier Nady, and anyone who made an appearance with the big club, and explained his level of excitement for the future. Waller also broke down the individual teams starting with Portland.

Thanks for sitting down with us again. First question, how have the Padres' prospects in general performed this year and do any in particular stand out for you? Tye Waller: For the most part I'm pretty pleased, but then it depends on how you look at it and who you define as a prospect. Tank did well when he came up for his four starts. Quintero did a heckuva a job in the time he has been in... Recommended Stories

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