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MadFriars' Interview: Billy Gasparino

MadFriars' Interview: Billy Gasparino

Billy Gasparino joined the Padres from Toronto before the 2012 season as a national cross-checker. This fall, he was promoted into the role of scouting director after Jaron Madison departed for the Cubs. The one time Southern California area scout chatted with us about his new role and some of what lies ahead as the club prepares for the 2013 draft.

As you work through your first winter in the role of scouting director, is there anything about the work load that's been particularly surprising or a big change for you? Billy Gasparino: I would say the overall volume of work this time of year is still pretty high as a scouting director, where as a crosschecker, I was used to relaxing and just taking some time to recharge the batteries. Where... Recommended Stories

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